Paul  Decker’s creations speak their own language. He doesn’t only work with flowers but also uses twigs, roots, leaves, mosses and other vegetable and natural materials. That’s why he prefers to call his work floral styling. This term was introduced by Paul Deckers in 1986. He has travelled around the world for many years as the Dutch ambassador of flower arranging but “Without renouncing my origins, since my home base is and will remain my studio in the village of Posterholt in Limburg. That is where my creative heart beats strongest…”

The bouquets and floral creations that spring from his soul carry his completely unique often spiritual or symbolic, signature. Paul Deckers is especially gifted in personalizing flower arrangements. The power, mystery and excitement created by combining various materials play a large role in this. Paul Deckers creates floral interpretations of your emotions.

Paulus Floralus (1-1)

 Many challenges have befallen him, such as decorating the Vatican from 1986 to the present day for yearly audiences with Popes ( John Paul II, Benedict XVIand Franciscus I) along with horticultural demonstrations across the whole world, including Switzerland, South Africa, Taiwan and Israel.

As sensational as Paul Decker’s creations are, they originate in nature/have their origins in nature itself, and this continues to be his greatest source of inspiration.

His motto is: “Doing more by using less.”  Or: “The art of omission.” Look at a piece of wood, or the  stalk  of a flower and imagine that in the correct setting they too can be of great esthetic value, by becoming more than simply a piece of wood or a stalk…”