Paul Deckers about his work

The development of my designs is influenced by a number of factors. Nature is and remains my greatest source of inspiration.

On top of that, I work daily with natural products. Anything and everything in my environment can inspire me and my designs. When I see something fascinating, it will translate into my work sooner or later. My innovative creations often originate in distant places, when traveling for projects or shows. But just as well my backyard can be a source of inspiration. And a good talk, person to person, with clients about their wishes and ideas, can be the start for artistic creations.

Symbolic and spiritual

My floral creations speak their own language: they can be called symbolic or spiritual.

Since 1984 I have been researching the background and symbolism of the floral world. Symbolism, strength, and power of the materials, and the tension between both play a major role when translating emotion into floral concepts.

Floral emotion

Translating his customers’ emotions is Paul Decker’s goal; joy as well as sadness. ‘For me, it‘s a daily challenge to express human emotion through floral designs’.

A bouquet for a special occasion, a single flower as a consolation in the event of illness, a funeral piece, or a complete interior design, a small floral accent for a table or the entire flower decoration of Saint Peter’s Square in Rome.

Bouquets & Flower Arrangements

Individual and tailor-made floral arrangements. You determine the setting and style. We add craftsmanship and creativity.

Getting Married

Your wedding has to be the best day of your life.  Romance and your personal style largely determine the atmosphere of this special day.

Funeral Arrangements

The loss of a dear one is difficult and painful. We make sure you get the attention and time for an in depth conversation.

Floral Advice

It’s possible. Floral compositions specially designed for your interior. Very personal, matching your taste and style.

Unique Glass Design

Floral Design Paul Deckers associates with various glass design artists, who make unique objects by assignment.

Projects & Exhibitions

Paul Deckers has demonstrated his work in various countries and executed projects in special locations.