Paul Deckers basic material is nature and at the same time nature is his inspiration. Also, Paul loves a challenge, he does not shy away from them, whatever location in the world.

His innovative creations often originate in distant places. He finds inspiration for his floral creations all over the world. He regularly travels to the jungles of Southeast Asia where for a few days he withdraws from civilization into the local forest or jungle. While he feasts his eyes on his environment, he creates pages full of sketches and makes drawing after drawing of the natural surroundings. Back home in Posterholt, he creates the most fantastic arrangements from these impressions.

Symbolic and spiritual, his own signature

Paul Deckers creations are signature. He not only uses flowers but also branches, twigs, roots, leaves of plants, mosses and other natural products and materials in his arrangements.

Paul, therefore, considers his work Floral Design, a concept Deckers introduced in 1986. His floral creations have their own language: they are symbolic and spiritual. Paul’s greatest skill is personal and individual floral arrangements. Symbolism, the tension between the different materials and power balance within the design play a major role. Deckers goal is to create a floral translation of human emotion.

Nature, his main inspiration

Deckers’ creations are striking and originate from nature, his main inspiration. Paul is a big believer in the idea: ‘Less is more’. The art of omitting.

‘Look at a piece of wood or the stem of a flower, they give added value if used in a specific part of a design. All natural materials can be used to make powerful and striking arrangements. That is Floral Design ‘.

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